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9/7/09 11:29 am - From Pregan to Vegan: A Coming Out

When I was in Seattle the other day I made a new friend, and while we were at Elysian Brewery eating habits came up. When he asked me if I was vegan, and I said yes, he asked, "And how's that going for you?"

It's funny, because I was taken aback. Such a simple question with so little intention of impact, I'm sure, but I had a moment where I stared at him. But then I grinned, and said, "Great!"
People ask me all the time, about this seemingly new choice of mine. But this was the first time that someone had asked me anything pertaining to how it made me feel, or how it was affecting me, and I realized how much I had been thirsting for this. So at the risk of... no, I guess there isn't any risk. For the sake of airing my thoughts, I write it down. In the hope that someone is interested, I post it.

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3/11/09 09:55 am - want my room in April?

I am eating somen and posting to craigslist my sublet. Feel free to forward to anyone!

2/28/09 04:10 pm - IvoryEntry

IvoryEntry, originally uploaded by jewel_artist.

From Jewel's Flickr stream. Yay Tokie party!

1/11/09 03:30 pm - A call for action!

Now I hope that people know that I do not post memes lightly, nor ask people to vote in a poll unless I darn well believe in it. That said, two friends have a travel blog - a GREAT one, featuring the anachronistic and esoteric - right up my aesthetic alley and probably up all those beautiful few that have added me to their LJ friends page.

Right now there is a Blog Awards, and theirs has been nominated, and I know they should win. So please, have a look at Curious Expeditions. Great, isn't it? Vote for win, please!

original email sent below:

So as you may already know Curious Expeditions is in a contest for
best travel blog, and I have suddenly gone all Reese Witherspoon in
election on the whole deal. I really, really want to win. We need
about 400 votes to catch up.

So, that said, if you guys want to and there is a place where you
would feel okay about posting it, I would love for you to post the
link http://2008.weblogawards.org/polls/best-travel-blog/ or better
yet they have the poll itself available as code

either way, I am trying to show these biatches who is boss, and any
help would be massively appreciated! Thanks so much,


Dylan "Reese" Thuras

10/9/08 03:50 pm - magic in the backyard

10/9/08 01:55 pm - Found in San Francisco

8/8/08 10:48 am - Have you heard of...


It's a tech/netbiz site that is based in France. I just started and internship and only have one post so far, but it's a nice blog with pithy posts about relevant internet issues.

If you got a mo'...

(UPDATE) And comment on the post, at Atelier, if you would like...

1/3/08 07:58 am - would you fix my daemon for me?

Pretty please just this once?


11/16/07 11:05 pm - here i am

in vienna in the artists residence quarters, and I think I'm surrounded by the christmas present and future of the internet. the makezine vlogger, monochrom culture hacking, and gamejew.

makes a girl want to hook up an isight, dress scantily and make up some songs about something...

10/29/07 12:19 am - do me a favor

wristcutters! wristcutters! wristcutters: a love story

two years of waiting from sundance. its got suicides, tom waits, the guy from gogol bordello AND a hot chick.

just go, pretty please?
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