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Have you heard of...

It's a tech/netbiz site that is based in France. I just started and internship and only have one post so far, but it's a nice blog with pithy posts about relevant internet issues.

If you got a mo'...

(UPDATE) And comment on the post, at Atelier, if you would like...
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We took a mo' yesterday to check this out. Your post is good. Nice and clean in what I've become familiar with as "your style." Professional and succinct. I have serious trouble being that concise.

The browser itself, however, while totally amazing and cool on a technical level... well, as Alex put it: "It looks like a 3-D version of a disorganized desktop. That just looks like hell to me." If I could walk the orderly rows of time like one would library stacks, I wouldn't want to cry. The interface looks like a cross between an open world RPG and Homeworld ... but with all my stuff in the form of ateroidal doc files! AIIII! At least nothing's moving around. Jeez. That would definitely make me cry.

Still.. good job. Keep it up. Congratulations, and I love you. :)

One thing that would be rad is if you could delete files by flying through and shooting them, a la Asteroids (for a classic gaming feel) or, for the more modern gamer, some sort of Star Wars simulation.

They're totally going to steal my idea.
heh. or when you throw a folder away, a missile comes from off screen and blows it to hell.

They so are.

I got mo' than a mo' fo you, mo-fo.