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A call for action!

Now I hope that people know that I do not post memes lightly, nor ask people to vote in a poll unless I darn well believe in it. That said, two friends have a travel blog - a GREAT one, featuring the anachronistic and esoteric - right up my aesthetic alley and probably up all those beautiful few that have added me to their LJ friends page.

Right now there is a Blog Awards, and theirs has been nominated, and I know they should win. So please, have a look at Curious Expeditions. Great, isn't it? Vote for win, please!

original email sent below:

So as you may already know Curious Expeditions is in a contest for
best travel blog, and I have suddenly gone all Reese Witherspoon in
election on the whole deal. I really, really want to win. We need
about 400 votes to catch up.

So, that said, if you guys want to and there is a place where you
would feel okay about posting it, I would love for you to post the
link or better
yet they have the poll itself available as code

either way, I am trying to show these biatches who is boss, and any
help would be massively appreciated! Thanks so much,


Dylan "Reese" Thuras
Tags: contest, curious expeditions
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