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9/26/07 10:08 am - in ojai

9/25/07 10:06 pm - going to bed early

i am back in berkeley. sleepy and stressed. and apparently, boring.

9/20/07 08:12 am - plug plug

SO I am thinking of subletting my room in berkeley from oct-dec. If anyone knows someone awesome, would you direct someone here?

9/12/07 09:14 am

My future husband's job

Check it out, pass it around.

9/3/07 02:50 am - this friday

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

1/30/07 05:26 pm - whooop

got my first credit card today. s'pretty!

1/18/07 08:42 pm - last night at the movies

most of my favorites and I watched "Arthur and the Invisibles" and then "Pan's Labyrinth."

Him: "Have I mentioned that I hate reality?"
Me: "Which one?"
*pass the sparkling wine*

1/12/07 02:49 am - scam?

what do you think?

1/12/07 02:03 am - It's been this and that

I've done some things this month...

graduated from university

went to a party where Rufus Wainright was

impressed Joseph Gordon-Levitt

went home with a French boy in Brooklyn

invited a soap opera actor to visit me in California

saw Nightmare Before Xmas in 3-D

charmed a Canadian boy at a Christmas party in Bel Air

blushed in front of a Maori family, since I didn't have a song

decided that my sister is the coolest person I know

varnished the dinner table of a 71-foot yacht

received a note that said, "keep smiling, everyone does when you do"

went back in time

almost wore a cape into a super market

had a Manhattan at the Biltmore in a $5 outfit with one of my favorite magicians (I have two)

smiled a lot

read 6 and 1/2 novels, including an Anita Loos

talked more shit than I would have liked

shoplifted from starbucks

there might be more...

1/4/07 07:52 pm - brad's was better than mine

In 2007, bradmagic resolves to...
Buy new conveyer belts.
Be nicer to itsmagnetic.
Volunteer to spend time with upsetting adventures.
Put fifty good smells a month into my savings account.
Spend more time with my awesome bicycles.
Give some big pillows to charity.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

although the twelve days of roivoire were great. my favorite line was "five cover bands!"

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